Dairy Free Protein Shake

Herbalife’s Weight Management starts with a nutritious meal replacement shake for good health and weight control. Many people suffer from food allergies which mean that their bodies cannot process certain foods that way that bodies are supposed to be able to. Herbalife has now introduced an allergen free shake which include protein, fibre and essential nutrients just like the regular Formula 1 Shakes do, however, it is dairy free, lactose free and gluten free and soy free.

Consume less calories than your total active metabolic rateĀ  in order to burn the stored fat instead but without cutting out the following:- Enough protein to provide for muscle growth and general energy.- Enough vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy. – Enough essential fatty acids for a healthy working body. A Herbalife Wellness Coach will do these calculations for you as part of a personalised programme.

Easy Ways to Make This Great Protein Shake:

For soy allergies: Mix with skim milk, rice milk, or almond milk.
For dairy allergies: Mix with rice milk, almond milk, or soy milk.
For gluten allergies: Mix with skim milk, rice milk or soy milk.
For those allergic to soy, dairy, and gluten: Mix with rice milk.

More details on the Dairy Free and Lactose Free Protein Shakes


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